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Transforming the way we live, love and lead in our families and homes starts with building on what is right and strong within each of us.

What are strengths?
We all have unique patterns, qualities and traits that shape our approaches to thinking, feeling and acting; these are the basis of strengths.

  • Strengths are the fuel that drive us to attain, create and innovate
  • Strengths are the warm embrace of confidence that enables us to step out
  • Strengths are the insight to help us puzzle through adversity
  • Strengths are the well of resilience that allow us to lean in and stay motivated
  • Strengths are the threads that call us to do the things we love and thrive

Being seen, heard and appreciated is the core of deep loving connections and flourishing families.

Discover ways to bring strengths into the heart of your home

Fuelled for Life

Youth Coaching

Shining a light on strengths; igniting possibility and potential for the awesomeness of youth.

Frustrated to Flourishing Families

Weaving strength based approaches to find the joy in parenting with family coaching and workshops.

At the Core

of You

A deeper dive realigning core values, discovering untapped potential, and revealing inner rhythms.

Reasons to Work With Us

  • We are accessible and flexible with face to face and online coaching options.
  • We bring compassion and empathy to support hauora and wellbeing.
  • Our coaching weaves the latest research from neuroscience, positive psychology and strengths.
  • We are qualified and experienced coaches and educators.

Who we are

Our dream is strengths at the heart of homes and families; where homes are compassionate spaces embracing our unique selves and where the hurdles of life are lovingly supported.

Elise Anderson

Welcome, ngā mihi nui

I am Elise, an inner worlds liberator AKA – Coach, Mentor and playful collaborator.

I help people discover their spark; the unique essence and authentic expression of inner qualities and  strengths.

As a natural catalyst I support you to be braver and bolder to do more of what matters most to you and trust in following your north star.

Danette Muollo

Kia ora

As a clarity and vision specialist I help people gain insight and confidence to take their next best steps.

With a compassionate approach, we’ll work together to reveal the genius of your uniqueness, learn how to celebrate your strengths, and follow your inner wisdom to get more of what you love in life.

Moment to moment each interaction offers the opportunity for heartfelt connection and belonging, enriching our relationships and unleashing the potential within.

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Strengths At Home is powered by EDJE; helping people discover their potential and identify their strengths to evolve, empower and enrich their lives.

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Elise & Danette

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