Join the growing movement towards appreciating diversity; where individuality and uniqueness is embraced as the foundation of joyful & purposeful lives.

  • Are you fed up with trying to meet others’ expectations and want to break free of judgmements and labels?
  • Are you wanting confidence and clarity on how to live a life aligned with your strengths AND core values?
  • Is your inner critic like a hand brake, stopping you from being braver and bolder as you live, love and lead in your life?

At the Core of You – a deep dive to discover the best version of you

With insightful inquiry into your unique qualities and attributes (strengths) you gain tools & ideas to:

  • Build enduring resilience by trusting what’s within you
  • Understand your compelling motivators and key drivers for thinking, feeling and acting
  • Learn to play to your strengths for increased energy and satisfaction
  • Explore conflict with different approaches to build stronger connections

How it works

At the Core of You offers one-to-one coaching of up to 90 minute sessions, co-designed and tailored to your aspirations.

We start with a strengths assessment to create a blueprint of your qualities and attributes for you to bring your challenges, triumphs, joys and frustrations, and discover how to be the best you.

We provide ethical coaching, safe spaces, empowering conversations to explore how your unique strengths impact across your life domains.

 Coaching options include face-to-face or online.

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Top 5 Dive

Take a deep dive into your innate qualities to discover your untapped
potential for growth.

Full 34 Explore

Insightful inquiry into your patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions. Find your inner rhythms to achieve your goals and dreams.

Alignment Journey

Ongoing coaching to re-align with your core values and break free from your inner critic to live a joyful life.

In our heart is a belief that within all of us resides a divine spark  and untapped potential for greatness.

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Strengths At Home is powered by EDJE; helping people discover their potential and identify their strengths to evolve, empower and enrich their lives.

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