Shining a light on strengths – igniting possibility and potential for the awesomeness of youth.

  • Does your young person struggle to make decisions and want clarity for their journey ahead?
  • Do they know what is special and unique about themselves and want to experience a life with strengths- the qualities and attributes that make them rock!
  • Is their mindset getting in the way of self confidence and motivation?

Fuelled for Life Youth helps build inner confidence to fully embrace being their unique selves!

Start by discovering strengths and gain tools and ideas to:

  • Discover what they naturally do well.
  • Build on inner strengths.
  • Successfully navigate challenges.
  • Appreciate their unique qualities and traits to create pathways in life that fulfil them!

How it works

Fuelled for Life Youth Coaching offers one to one coaching tailored for young people/taiohi aged 10-18.

Sessions of up 60 minutes are held at locations where they feel comfortable such as a library, Café, own home or online. 

We start with a questionnaire that shines a light on their strengths and over 6 sessions create a blueprint of their unique qualities and attributes. With a growing awareness and appreciation of their strengths they will gain confidence and feel greater motivation to best navigate their future and follow their inner voice.

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Fuelled for Life

Sessions weave the latest research from neuroscience, growth mindsets and positive psychology together to help youth get fuelled for life and delivered by qualified and experienced educators and strengths coaches.

Poipoia te kakano kia puawai
Nurture the seed and it will blossom

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Strengths At Home is powered by EDJE; helping people discover their potential and identify their strengths to evolve, empower and enrich their lives.

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